Monday, November 5, 2007

Flat book

A short I did by combining 3D envirment and 2D characters.
Swimming lesson was a 3D short I did in Maya.

It's a 3D envirment I created in Maya.
Those two 3D shots were made for Top Cow commerical.
I did the Tomb Raider part. I did modeling, lighting and texturing in Maya.


Blogger Alexander Casanova said...

Hey Wynne wats up wat you doing? Actually wait a minute i havent seen you in years, "Hey, How you been?" Well since you cant emediately responde to my question, i will just ask a curiosity i had... Have you seen Kung Fu Panda, yet? Actually, i havent yet seen it myself, but since you did do work on the Peach Boy thing several years ago, as did i, Isn't there unquestionable similarities between Peach Boy and Kung Fu Panda? Hmmm. It really makes me think. And i've thought about it many times since i first saw images 0f KF Panda. I mean designs are so similar I would think that KF Panda was done by the same artists who did Peach Boy,Us!, I mean look at the Stork. It is almost exactly the same. Hmmm I dont know i've thought about that many times.

July 6, 2008 at 5:30 AM  

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